The Royal United Services Institute of Regina


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 he Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) of Regina is an independent organization constituted under the Non-Profit Corporations Act, located in the Capital City of the Province of Saskatchewan, Canada. It is one of approximately twenty-seven United Services Institutes in Canada patterned on the Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies located at Sixty-one Whitehall in London, United Kingdom. The Institute in Regina has as its objects the study of military science and the fostering of understanding of Canadian Defence Policy.

The United Services Institute of Regina was established after the Great War in 1919 when a group of eighty officers met at the invitation of Brigadier-General, His Honour Alexander Ross, O.C., Q.C., C.M.G, D.S.G, LL.D. to form a military institute. Initially, all members were former or actively serving officers of the Canadian Forces, or of allied forces, but membership now includes persons of civilian background who support the objects of the Institute. The Institute received the designation “Royal” in 1979.

The RUSI is presently housed in the Regina Armoury sharing space with the Regina Armoury Senior Ranks Mess. It consists of a bar/lounge area and the RUSI library.