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Honouring the Canadian Armed Forces and its members past and present.

Our Story

The Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) of Regina is an independent organization constituted under the Non-Profit Corporations Act, located in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. It is one of many United Services Institutes in Canada. The original role of the institute was the study of military science and the fostering of understanding of Canadian Defence Policy. In 2016, the membership felt that it was more appropriate that we take on more of a role in honouring our military’s regular and reserve forces and promoting remembrance of our Veterans.

Pedestal unveiling
Commemoration Sgt Knight VC

We launched a series of commemorative projects promoting the education of what our Veterans have accomplished and the terrible cost of their sacrifices. We annually commemorate one of Saskatchewan’s 15 Victoria Cross recipients and have created a Wall of Honour in the Legislature where there is a shadow box for each of those soldiers. At the Cenotaph in Regina’s Victoria Park we have placed educational pedestals that tell the stories of Canada’s wars, battles and conflicts. There are also pedestals honouring the ships and units related to Saskatchewan. To promote remembrance among our youth we have arranged school visits to the pedestals. 

In 2022, we launched the Decoration Day Sentries project where at the Regina Cenotaph on Decoration Day we hold a military Changing of the Guard Ceremony where civilian sentries join the military sentries to “stand for those who served”.

2022 Decoration Day
Dinner Guests

The other aspect of our operation is the social component for our members. Weekly we hold our Thank Goodness it’s Thursday (TGIT) in the Regina Garrison Senior Ranks Mess where our members come to relax and enjoy the company of each other and military members of the garrison. We hold two formal dinners each year, the Armistice Dinner on the 10th of November marking the end of the fighting in the First World War and the Victory Dinner held in late April or early May to mark the end of the fighting in Europe in the Second World War.

The RUSI is presently housed in the Regina Armoury sharing space with the Regina Armoury Senior Ranks Mess. It consists of a bar/lounge area and the RUSI library.
RUSI Thurs
RUSI Library